La population de Lemur catta en grand danger, moins de 2500 individus recensés dans la nature, il est plus que temps d'agir !!

Un excellente publication par Gould And Sauther Prim Cons 2016

Reniala is an NGO (law 1901) whose head office is located in France (french President and malagasy vice-president). Its activities are focused in the preservation of spiny forest around Mangily (27km in the North of Tulear).

A private park used to show this beautiful ecosystem open to tourists with botanical paths. Indeed, this region are suffered from an urge deforestion because of coal production and hatsaky method, an agriculture technic.

The last project of Reniala deals with the ex situ conservation of lemur catta, lemur specie known as “Endangered" by l'IUCN (2012) and classified on the appendix I


Authorities brought many lemur catta in Reniala, that made us react to build the lemurs conservation and research center.

Nowadays, Reniala welcomes 32 lemur catta in spacious cages and began an ex situ conservation action.

The last animal controle insures the well care of each lemur, after a anti-parasitic cure.

We succeded to recreate a social group with 19 differents lemurs and we even had 5 births.

However, the group released can’t be made in Reniala park because of insufficient space and a too close distance with the village. We have to find a solution for the long-term survival of this group, because Reniala can’t accept newcomers.

The final goal of this project would be to make a transfer of this group in more appropriate places.

But we have to look for scientific partnerships, the best can be national parks already having group of lemur catta with a scientific follow-up. This transfert would bring genetic admixture and would assure a specie conservation.

Our center would be exclusively a step between isolated private places and natural places , helping in the recreation of a viable group, with a normal lemur’s diet.

So, to reach its purposes, Reniala have to acquire the best conditions to accept potential newcomers and to transfert the actual group.